Third Sector First
is a collaboration between researchers, practitioners and specialists in public and social policy, health and welfare.

e specialise in:

e are frequently commissioned to conduct service reviews and project or programme evaluations, in addition to our participation in academic research extending over several years. Much of this work is done in collaboration with specialists based in UK universities.


Although much of our research and evaluation work generates new data, we are often asked either to analyse or to re-examine pre-existing survey and other data. We are skilled in the use of SPSS and a variety of analytical tools such as MapInfo.


here there is discretion there need to be policies. We have helped a variety of organisations create new policies or refine existing ones, taking account of changes in legislation and demands on services. We have developed a structured approach to policy development and always make sure that what we write and recommend is clear and understandable.


Strategic plans often contain big statements that are easier to make than live up to. We have worked closely with many organisations and partnerships, working out and describing strategies that distinguish between the overall – strategic – objectives and the measures – tactics – needed to attain them.


Service needs, project ideas and funding opportunities do not always coincide: sometimes there is a need, an idea but no obvious source of funding; sometimes grants or other resources become available at short notice and project ideas have to be developed quickly. Whatever the circumstances, we can help you devise interventions based on the evidence of what can work.


TNA is essentially an enquiry into knowledge and skills, organisational context and purpose: do people have the wherewithal, appropriate for where they work, suitable to achieve particular outcomes? It is an approach to service improvement in which we have wide experience and proficiency.


ithin these broad headings we seek to respond flexibly to your specific needs using our combined skills and knowledge. We have already worked with over one hundred public and voluntary organisations, including complex partnerships and long-term collaborations.

Third Sector First was started in 1997 and operates throughout the UK. Many of us are members of university departments, which ensures that our advice keeps track of developments in research and has a strong evidence base. We are also committed to the application of ideas in practice; we all have an appreciation or experience of developing and delivering evidence-led services.

If you think Third Sector First could help you achieve your aims then contact us now for an informal discussion of the possibilities. We look forward to hearing from you.

Michael Nugent

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